Planning for a baby shower is not an easy task with all the things you have to organize in advance. One of the most important aspects of organizing a baby shower is sending invitations to all the guests. It is equally important to pick the right invitation with the right design for the great occasion. There are innumerable ideas to design a baby shower invitation.

With the advent of Internet, the choices are simply endless when it comes to designing an invitation to a baby shower; here are few useful tips for designing great baby shower invitations.

Decide a Unique Theme

This is the first thing you have to do before picking up invitations for the baby shower. Deciding the theme can help you to narrow down your options. The theme can be anything ranging from trendy and modern to traditional and religious, but try to make it unique. Once the theme is selected, choosing a card would not be so difficult.

Consider the Personal Style of the Mom-To-Be

Take the personal style of the mom-to-be into consideration. Would she prefer bold or bright or sweet or subdued? If you don’t know, get some information from people who know her well. Find out what kind of invitation ideas she would like the best.

After all, it is the mother and kid who would cherish the special memory forever; so, it is important to plan accordingly.

Personal Style of the Mom-To-Be

Come Up With Some Creative Ideas

You can think of several creative ideas related to the occasion for designing the baby shower invitation. The ideas are literally countless, but if you need some help, then here are a few great and creative ideas for making a special card:

  • Candy wrappers are a great way to invite guests for baby shower. You can send the guests candy bar or any other tasty treat with the details of the event printed on the wrapper.
  • An invitation card kept in a feeding bottle is a unique way to announce baby shower, though it is expensive. Alternatively, you can also opt for a baby food jar.
  • Make baby diapers using construction paper. You can just cut out a triangle to write the details of the event on the inside and fold it into a tri-fold diaper. This can be fastened with a diaper pin or safety pin if the envelope and card are big enough.
  • Tie invitations to baby toys or baby sock roses; you can also write the invites on a baby clothing like a bib.

Such creative ideas will certainly be liked by the parents-to-be, as well as the attendees.


Come Up With Some Creative Ideas

Consider Giving Invitations with Response Cards

This is something really different! Enclose a colorful, decorative paper along with the invitation card so that each guest can write a thoughtful wish for the parents and new baby. The guests can either send these with the response card or can give them in person to the parents during the event. This is a great memento for the parents as well as the child.

Consider Giving Invitations with Response Cards

Consider these tips and ideas for designing your next baby shower invites to create an impression amongst the guests.